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About us

Priscus Health and Tech (PHT) is a subsidiary of Priscus Finance, created at the end of 2022, which took over a seventeen-year expert business in the sector (vérifier)

PHT supports emerging bio-health companies, advising them on their strategy, financing and partnerships.

In addition to Priscus Finance, the partners are François GAUTHEY and Jean-Paul ROHMER.

John Paul Rohmer
Partner – Priscus Health and Tech
Europe America
Medtech Health & Care
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François Gauthey
Partner – Priscus Finance / Managing Partner – Priscus Health and Tech
France UK
Infrastructure Transport Energy Utilities Technology start-ups Biotech and medtech start-ups
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Philippe André
Founder and Managing Partner – Priscus Finance
Insurance and brokerage
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Area covered

PHT supports companies in two sectors in particular:

  • Start-ups developing diagnostic or analysis platforms (neurological diagnostics, cytometric analyses, for example) combining excellent mastery of Big Data and artificial intelligence with proven medical advances, leading to early sales.
  • Biotechnology or biomedical start-ups developing a response to serious diseases for which there is no available treatment, based on breakthrough innovations that offer a real therapeutic innovation and have demonstrated their effectiveness in animal models.

These start-ups are generally positioned between two phases of development and valuation:

  • a seed financing phase (F&F, initial public funding, business angels), during which the valuation is based on the funds invested,
  • and a phase of financing by investment funds or large pharmaceutical groups with a valuation based on expected sales, with a sharp increase.

PHT is eager to help any young company in the bio-health sector with its development.

Examples of current projects

Alpha project
  • Development of a treatment for haemorrhagic stroke using a new recombinant molecule.
  • After having raised several seed capital rounds totalling almost €1m, PHT is now in the process of completing a €10m Series A financing round.
Beta project
  • Development of a stem cell-based treatment for liver diseases.
  • Following seed financing (€1m) supplemented by public funding, PHT is today launching a Series A financing round of around €8m.
Gamma project
  • Development of early predictive diagnostics using a high-performance occulometry technique based on a unique database.
  • PHT is helping to define an optimal strategy, including finding partners in the insurance sector, and raising between €5m and €10m.
Delta project
  • Development of applications with a cutting-edge technology for assessing cellular metabolism, in diagnostics, laboratory techniques and the optimisation of cellular therapies.
  • After raising 4 rounds of funding totalling €2.2m, PHT is structuring a €6-8m Series A.

PHT’s strengths

  • A strategic approach, involving close interaction with management to ensure that messages are consistent.
  • The link between the development plan and the financing plan, which are scheduled over time and interrelated.
  • Targeted contacts, based on our knowledge of the industry, to avoid “all-out” prospecting, which ends up devaluing a project.
  • Long-term support, to ensure continuity and efficiency.